Monday, July 2, 2018

What you need to know about okrika fashion sales

Okrika Fashion

In these post, am going to tell you what you need to know about okrika sales and okrika business in Nigeria.

First and foremost you will want to ask yourself or people around you these question;

What is okrika fashion and where does the name originate from?

I will tell you that

"okrika fashion is popular among Nigerians or perhaps Africans and its call second hand fashion or fairly used fashion clothing mostly used by the poor who cannot afford luxury wears".

Okrika is a village somewhere in Nigeria but that was not why the fashion was called okrika

Now you know what okrika means but you will still ask that 'of what benefit does people derive from buying Okrika clothes?'

I will say that most people believe that okrika products last longer than luxury ones because of the quality and where the cloth are made from. Most of these used fashion wears are mainly imported from European countries like Italy, USA, Uk, and so on. Because these products are cheap in the market they most sell more than the luxury ones because with as low as less than N500 you can get a pair of cloth or N1000 you can get a pair of jeans trouser and son.

Lets talk about the Okrika Business;

Okrika business is one lucrative business that can make you a millionaire over night if you know these few things below;
  1. Capital to start the business
  2. Where to buy the product
  3. Where to get your buyers and customers
  4. And where to sell the okrika fashion.

Capital to start the business:  

For you to succeed very well, you will need over N100k because you need to secure a place like in a 
  • market area where people come almost everyday, or 
  • get a shop by the roadside where people pass by everyday,

Where to buy the okrika products

The easiest place to get the okrika product without spending much money is to travel to Cotonou (Benin), or if you don't want to go far, Visit a place called Katangwa inside Lagos, or maybe Badagry area of Lagos. These are major places where you can buy the product in sacks. if you have good strategy, you can buy cheap and sell almost double the purchase prize.

Where to get buyers and customers

Buyers and customers are everywhere but if you want to sell your product and earn alot of money, you need to target Local slums, Poor areas of Lagos state where most cant afford luxury clothes

where to sell the okrika fashion:

If you are planning to become an okrika seller in the market, there are so many locations i have been to and they actually have good product for any any type of clothes, shoes, belts and bags that can last as though it was not made from these world. Some locations are listed below;
  • Ketu
  • Ikorodu
  • Bariga
  • Orile
  • Obalende
  • some part of Ajah and so on.
 So now you know about okrika sales in Nigeria and how to make money by doing such business.

If you feel you want to add more to these topic, Please feel free to comment below and we will answer you.

Thanks and happy Investing!!!

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